Question: "Superstition" connotations

So, people. Does the word "superstition" carry a negative feeling? I was taking pictures of the students in my class and mentioned that I was a bit worried about doing so with the Haitian students because I know it is one of the countries where some individuals believe that a photograph will steal their identity/soul. Which was not something I really wanted to subject my students too. When discussing it with another teacher, I found that as I went over my word choice it sounded like I was belittling or dismissing that belief, which was not my intent. And a lot of it seemed to focus on the word "superstition", although some of it was definitely on my tone when using it.

So, um, yeah. Does anyone have thoughts on the word and whether it's good, bad or neutral?

Officially active again....with an activity illustration

I have started classes with my internship. Very different class sizes, with my T/Th class having about 15 students the first day and my M/W class having four. It may even out or change a bit.

The class went reasonably well, I thought. Not the greatest, but it was my first time teaching after 18 months and my first time teaching adults ever. The class has a pronunciation focus. The only major gaff/weird thing was a problem when I was having my students give me verbs, and one of my Central American students tried to say "serious". Since my brain was thinking of verbs I thought he said "seduce", and started to write it on the board before my brain caught up to what I was writing and what he had actually said. ^^;

Last week we began by studying the difference between the "i" vowel sound, like in "ship" and "will" and the "iy"/"ee" sound, as in "sheep" and "wheel". Today we're getting into slightly harder ones, and by students are getting the following story (which I wrote. Not particularly authentic, but it was hard to find an authentic text that was both of a level this class could understand and that had good examples of the target sound. So they get a story about Amy's farm:

Collapse )

So there's that. Like I said before, the tone of this journal may change a bit from now on, as this post illustrates. I will include any funny/weird things that happen, but it's also going to be a journal with examples of activities and what I'm actually doing in class.

Back in action

My life is going to be a life again very shortly, albeit a much, much less interesting one since there are unlikely to be beavers or grandiose adventures into the great unknown. Nevertheless, I'm starting my internship portion of my grad school program in January and may be posting here if anything interesting happens during said internship. It remains a good way to keep my family in touch and getting the same stories.

So beware, soon there shall be great tales of sticks, the "th" sound, and one confused English teacher as she starts to try to make a difference in her tiny corner of the world. ^_^v
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There is an ad on the train i am riding for zero calorie,non-alcoholic beer stating that if you like beer, you will love this becuase it tastes hardly any different. i am tempted to find and buy some just to see how hard they may be lying.Because there is no way that is true.

the end of an era

An era that I still don't know if I was even any good at, but an era


Despite my only being here for a semester, my rokunensei still wrote me messages. And several decided to add random drawings. One girl's dream of her future was to attend an Arashi concert, an event which she fully illustrated. Another drew a depiction of how the knowledge got from me into their heads. That one is hilarious.
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where am I?

discomfort 101

Well, today turned out rather uncomfortable in 5th period as I tried not to mess with kid's underwear...while messing with their underwear. >.>;

See, the classroom where I teach English at the school I'm at today is also where the 6th grade girls change their clothes for PE and swimming. The classes had 5th period swimming today, and I had fifth period class. So I walked up to my classroom a bit before the bell rang, to find the place strewn with bags, indoor shoes and piles of clothing, many on chairs or in the middle of the floor. So in about four minutes I had to move the clothes and bags of 33 girls to the sides of the classroom, inspecting each of them to make sure that none of their underpants or bras were showing. At the same time, if they WERE showing, I had to do my best to arrange the rest of their clothes or poke their bags so they no longer were without, you know, actually messing with their stuff.

I had good and honorable intentions, but it was still rather uncomfortable when the HRT for my fifth period class wandered in to find me digging around in student's bags. -_-;
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Atago decided to put pictures of me on the website. Me and squishies, and the vice-principal and I with squishies randomly placed on our head ((I'd taken the entire army to give away. Most of it went to the special ed class, which seems a reasonable place for an army of over-squishie puppets. The only ones left are the seal, the fox, Ralph and a flying pig). According to the vice pricipal that made him Batman. Which I suppose makes me Phoenix. Whoohoo telepathy!

My rokunensei HRTs at Higashi said they were going to try their best to get me up on their site if they could convince the school. I might not link those pictures, though. I was getting silly from stress and acting very dorky in most of the pictures, including one where was doing my very best at gangsta'. It was a failure. ^^;

That's all for now. Someday I will type up about me randomly joining the
drama club for two weeks.
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(no subject)

The Marine base is doing fireworks for the 4th of July, as they have every
year I've been here.

Now I'm wondering, though: Do all the military bases around the world do the
same? Because it seems like it might be just a little smug if the military
bases in England do.
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I went in to try to get a reference from Okada-sensei today (In Japanese,
which I will have to get translated. MIIS, at least, says I can present it
in a sealed envelope if it is stamped with the writer's signature seal over
the flap. Hopefully other schools and employers will make the same
allowance). She had no problems with doing so, and promptly went off talking
about how I was their hardest-working ALT and I always do my best to go to
work even if I'm sick or injured. o.O

I feel a bit warm and fuzzy.