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ggaaaaahh....soaked the tatami!

Yay. I have had the experience that all people must have at least once in their lives. Or something.

I was pulled out of the bath by a wrong number.

On my cellphone.

By some poor Japanese girl who had no idea how to deal with it, because I always answer my cell in English (landline goes about 50/50, depending on if I'm expecting someone to call me).

But, yes. This was annoying for several reasons. First, I absolutely soaked my book.'s COLD today, but the wind is blowing in the non-smelly way (a freakishly rare occurrence) and so my windows are open. Which meant I froze my ass off.

Thirdly, my cellphone was in my living room, which meant crossing half a room of tatami just to get to it. THEN the damn thing was plugged into the charger, so I couldn't leave. So I had to first fluster the poor girl by speaking English, and then go through the whole wrong-number rigmarole while dripping copious amounts of water on my rice reeds.


I feel grown up, though. I mean, c'mon. I'm in my own place, in my own bathtub, getting pulled out of the bath to answer my own phone. Whoohoo!

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