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Atago decided to put pictures of me on the website. Me and squishies, and the vice-principal and I with squishies randomly placed on our head ((I'd taken the entire army to give away. Most of it went to the special ed class, which seems a reasonable place for an army of over-squishie puppets. The only ones left are the seal, the fox, Ralph and a flying pig). According to the vice pricipal that made him Batman. Which I suppose makes me Phoenix. Whoohoo telepathy!

My rokunensei HRTs at Higashi said they were going to try their best to get me up on their site if they could convince the school. I might not link those pictures, though. I was getting silly from stress and acting very dorky in most of the pictures, including one where was doing my very best at gangsta'. It was a failure. ^^;

That's all for now. Someday I will type up about me randomly joining the
drama club for two weeks.

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