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discomfort 101

Well, today turned out rather uncomfortable in 5th period as I tried not to mess with kid's underwear...while messing with their underwear. >.>;

See, the classroom where I teach English at the school I'm at today is also where the 6th grade girls change their clothes for PE and swimming. The classes had 5th period swimming today, and I had fifth period class. So I walked up to my classroom a bit before the bell rang, to find the place strewn with bags, indoor shoes and piles of clothing, many on chairs or in the middle of the floor. So in about four minutes I had to move the clothes and bags of 33 girls to the sides of the classroom, inspecting each of them to make sure that none of their underpants or bras were showing. At the same time, if they WERE showing, I had to do my best to arrange the rest of their clothes or poke their bags so they no longer were without, you know, actually messing with their stuff.

I had good and honorable intentions, but it was still rather uncomfortable when the HRT for my fifth period class wandered in to find me digging around in student's bags. -_-;

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